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Breath vs Breathe meaning

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Has vs. Have


Essential Verbs Has vs Have

Further vs Farther

further vs farther meaning

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Favourite Vs Favorite

avourite vs favorite meaning

favourite vs favorite meaning

Spelling Variations

Emigration Vs Immigration

Emigration Meaning

Immigration Meaning

Center vs Centre

canceled or cancelled

Canceled vs Cancelled Meaning

can vs could

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brought vs bought

Meaning of Brought vs Bought

Breath vs Breathe

Meaning of Breath and Breathe

Affect vs Effect

Correct Usage of Has and Have

Enquiry vs Inquiry

Meaning of Enquiry and Inquiry

Meaning of Center and Centre

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Lier Vs Liar

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Then vs Than differnce

Definition of Stationary

Program Pronunciation

Principal vs Principle

Metaphor vs Simile

Meaning of Metaphor

Meaning of Simile

May Vs Might

Understanding May Vs Might

Difference of Inter vs Intra

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Whisky vs Whiskey

Whisky vs Whiskey Difference

there vs their

there vs their meaning

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Then vs Than

Stationery vs Stationary

Definition of Stationery

Program vs Programme

Programme Pronunciation

Principal Examples

Principle Examples

example of may and might

inspite vs despite meaning

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Okay vs OK

Difference between okay and ok

Ms vs Miss vs Mrs

Different type of titles

Inter vs Intra

Inter vs Intra Prefixes

Meaning of Inter vs Intra

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