Online English Speaking Course In India

Become a fluent and confident English speaker by practicing regularly with excellent communicators.

Online English Speaking Course In India

People all across India are using Clapingo to become more confident

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English Mentors

1-1 Online Speaking Course is the Best Way to Learn English

Transform from an underconfident speaker to a charismatic and fearless English speaker by practicing regularly on Clapingo.

How to become a fluent speaker with Clapingo

Clapingo’s three step process will transform you from an underconfident speaker to someone whoo can handle conversations fearlessly.

Book a Trial Session

Get a trial session with our certified English mentors to see how you can improve your English

Understand Your Weak Areas

The tutor will share areas to improve and also delve into specific issues with your spoken English

Become a Confident Speaker

Based on the feedback subscribe to a plan of your choice and practice your English speaking in a safe space

English-Speaking Course Online

Is English speaking a BIG problem for you?

Don’t worry. You are not the only one facing this issue. Know more!

  • A mere 4% of men and 2% of women in India can speak fluent English

  • But 70% of executives need their workforce to master English

Your inability to speak fluent English reduces your confidence. This prevents your progress and growth.

Even successful entrepreneurs may find their lack of English fluency restricting their overseas interactions and growth.

And we can help.

Why Is Clapingo the Preferred Online English Speaking Course in India?

Clapingo is the most effective way to learn English because of the following reasons

Safe Space

Make all the mistakes you want with our tutors. After all, making mistakes and learning from them is the best way to improve speaking.

Tutor Expertise

Each tutor undergoes rigorous training before they start taking the online English speaking course. These tutors also comes with years of teaching experience.


Your recordings are available 24X7 to you making it easy for you to refer back, listen to yourself and understand your weak areas.

Why is fluent English the most important skill?

Use the following checklist to find genuinely best English speaking course online in India

Comforting Environment

Individuals learn best when the pace and space of learning are comfortable, friendly, and suitable for learning flexibly and freely, with no one to judge.

Credible Reputation

Any online English-speaking course in India has to have a credible reputation over time. For example, how many learners have enrolled? Are the reviews genuine?

Tutor Expertise

Tutor expertise differentiates the best English-speaking course online in India. Mentors need to interact with you one-to-one and provide personalized guidance.

24 x 7

Ensure that you have 24X7 on demand access of your recordings and a responsive customer support to resolve your queries

Practical Effectiveness

Is the course practical and effective? For example, can every potential learner like you individually experience a live interactive demo session?

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So what are you waiting for?

Take the first step towards a more confident and brighter future with Clapingo’s online English course in India.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that

Which Site Is Best for English Speaking Course?

We are confident about being the best online English-speaking course in India for the following reasons:

Core Competency

Our focus and core competency is to tutor and upskill individuals lacking English fluency and confidence.

Comforting Environment

We provide a comforting environment to learn and practice.

Personalized Attention

Experts give undivided, personalized attention to guide and not judge your progress.

Book Demo/Trial

You can experience our excellent tutors LIVE by enrolling in FREE demo sessions or one-to-one trial sessions for as low as ₹99.

Proper Corrections


You get personalized mentoring with practical examples and proper corrections. It will progressively boost your English fluency and self-confidence.

Timebound Results


We assure learners of being fluent in speaking English in a short span of 180 days. Be it in private conversations or public speaking.

Money-back Assurance

Our confidence and commitment get reflected in our money-back assurance or course extension choice for learners.

Credible Competency

The over 80,000 learners we have trained to be fluent in English are living proof, showcasing our longstanding credibility and competency.

Anytime Access

24 x 7 access to recorded sessions and instant chat support.

Bright Future

We know that training for English fluency is also about improving your career prospects, income, and lifestyle.

What is the Cost of an Online English-speaking Course in India?

Generally, it costs around 3000 to 5500 per month based on the level of course, you are planning to enroll in. The duration also varies between three to four months. As far as Clapingo is concerned, we provide a 6-month plan of 120 sessions, 5 days a week at an affordable 2727 per month. You will gain the confidence that you can be fluent in English within 180 days by enrolling and regularly attending our LIVE classes.

Take a confident first step with Clapingo to book your live trial for as little as ₹99.

What After You Complete the Course?

Personal Transformation! After the course, you will:

  • Change from being shaky and shaken to sharp and smooth in English.

  • Confidently speak fluently in this universal language of opportunities.

  • Feel self-assured to engage in private conversations and public speaking.

  • Overcome your fear, anxiety, and stress with English.


  • Start nailing job interviews to land dream jobs and career growth.

  • Comfortably network to grow your business, income, and lifestyle.

In short, by learning to speak fluent English with Clapingo, there would be little room for failure amidst all the success surrounding you.

Why wait? Invest and upskill your English now!