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English Conversation Practice with us

Learning English Speaking is not easy, but you can understand it with a proper guide.

Benefits of English-Speaking Class

A good English-speaking class can open many doors for you.

Gain confidence

Gain the confidence to approach new clients, strangers, and influential people.

Better Employability

Fluency in spoken English improves eligibility for several jobs

Personality Development

Learn to express yourself more clearly to make great impressions.

Earn More

Professionals who can speak English fluently typically earn higher salaries.

Get the Clapingo Edge

This English-speaking class caters to your needs. Ensure you make the most of it.


Diverse teachers

We have English experts with different native language backgrounds. Learners gain exposure to a variety of speaking styles.

Chat service

An instant chat service helps you with any basic or technical questions.

Practice sessions

Receive supervised practice session in a judgement free space. Experts will help correct mistakes.


Feel free to schedule your sessions on days you are free.

Recorded classes

Gain access to recordings of sessions to recap and practice.

Interactive and engaging learning

Our interactive sessions help to cement your understanding of the language and make learning more enjoyable.

Amp up your personality with this English-speaking class.

Fluency and an impressive English command can help you progress at work and avoid feeling stuck or misunderstood.

Self Practice

It’s straightforward to start with Clapingo's English-speaking class:

Begin with a trial session

Understand what you need to improve

Assess your free time and subscribe to a plan

Talk with our teachers and improve your English

Improve your confidence as a speaker

Give your career the push it really needs

Get fluent in English in just a few months.

Get a new-found confidence and speak with flair everywhere

Improve your income drastically

Socialize with those who are already successful

Improve your growth opportunities

Improve your growth opportunities

English speaking
English speaking classes

Read What Our Learners Have To Say About Us

See the transformation experienced by others like you

Very convenient and most useful platform to learn and advance English skills. I am happy learning with Clapingo
Chetan Raj
Challakere, Karnataka
Experience was awesome 💯. Tutor was too good andf polite - comfortable to talk.
Sakshi Grover
Budaun, UP
My English was broken and it was difficult to me to communicate with others in English. After daily english speaking with Clapingo, I have become much more confident.
MD Ataullah Gazi
New Delhi, India
Very good platform for personality development. Effective Communication is the basic need.
Ganesh Kumar
Pune, Maharashtra
It's been a year I'm using this app which turned my fluency level and confidence upside down. Truly grateful 🙏
Madhuri Palte
Join this platform for overall development, boosting confidence, and achieving your desired goals.
Mumbai, Maharashtra

These People Have Harnessed Their English Speaking - Hear From Them

Listen to what our students has to say about Clapingo’s daily English speaking practice

Bringing you the most effective English-speaking class

Do you hesitate to speak up because you are not fluent in English? Overcome your fear with personalized sessions.

Got questions regarding our online class?

Find some answers here.

Which is the best English-speaking class near me?

You may find a few spoken English classes in your city. But Clapingo is an online class you can attend from any location.

Is there any app to learn to speak English?

Yes, you can download Clapingo and book a trial session. It is available for both Apple and Android phones. They help you connect with a native tutor who helps refine your spoken English.

What is Clapingo?

Clapingo is an English Speaking Practic App where you practice conversations live with various tutors across the country and learn English. This is a judgment-free space where people can freely speak with a diverse set of people from different backgrounds

How to book your 1-1 session?

Once you’ve taken a subscription, you can reserve your Clapingo’s Spoken English Sessions according to your availability and select a tutor of your choice. You can reserve your Clapingo sessions by clicking the book button in the “Upcoming Sessions” tab.


You can Subscribe to Clapingo’s 1: 1 Spoken English Sessions and watch us transform your English Ability from here

How many sessions can I book in a week?

It ranges from 1-7 English Sessions per week, depending on your settings and subscription limits. If you need more Spoken English sessions in a week to improve your skills, you can always choose to upgrade the plan.

What is included in the Subscription?

Along with One-on-One Spoken English Sessions with our tutors, your Clapingo’s Spoken English Subscription also includes access to Session Documents, the Clapingo Video Library, and all other benefits available on the Clapingo Platform.  

Can I choose a tutor of my choice OR change tutor at any point?

You can speak to a new tutor in every Spoken English session. So if you have 20 sessions, you can speak to 20 tutors. We encourage you to speak to as many tutors as possible to help boost your confidence and improve your Spoken English skills. You can also meet with the same tutor to learn the English Language consistently.

Are discounts available?

Currently, for the trial call, we do not have any additional discounts available. However, we are pleased to inform you that after the trial call, as a special gift from the tutor, you will be eligible for a unique discount.

This exclusive discount will be provided to you as a gift for taking the first step towards learning spoken English and learning with our expert tutors.

We believe the discount will add further value to your excitement in learning spoken English and becoming more confident with yourself and your English Speaking Skills.

Will the mentor help me in the first session itself?

Yes, absolutely! The tutor will assist and guide you during your first Spoken English trial session. They are committed to providing valuable support and expertise right from the beginning.

Whether you have specific questions, need advice, or require guidance on any particular topic, the tutor will be available to help you maximize your trial session. They aim to ensure a productive and meaningful experience from the start of your Spoken English journey.

Can I reschedule my sessions?

While we understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, we have a specific policy regarding session rescheduling. Unfortunately, we do not offer the option to reschedule trial sessions.

However, we provide some flexibility once you move on to your regular weekly sessions. You can reschedule your sessions by notifying us at least one day before the scheduled session.

We understand that prior engagements or unexpected events may occur, and we want to accommodate your needs as much as possible.

Please remember that rescheduling requests are subject to availability, but we will do our best to find a suitable alternative for you.

Why is English important in the world?

There are thousands of spoken languages in the world today, and English is one of the most widely spoken languages. It is widely spoken and taught in many countries and is considered the trade or diplomatic language.


It is also the language of science, aviation, computers, diplomacy, and tourism. It is also the language of international communication, the media, and the internet.