How Chhavi became a Completely new Person with Clapingo

Unlocking Confidence and Conquering Language Barriers – Chhavi’s Triumph at Clapingo Sets the Stage for Future Success.

Chhavi Tomar

Uttar Pradesh

From Struggles to Success: Chhavi with Clapingo


Chhavi has transformed remarkably and now confidently engages in English conversations in diverse settings!

Chhavi's Journey to English Fluency at Clapingo

Starting the Journey: Chhavi Steps Up

Chhavi, a volleyball player from Uttar Pradesh, started her English learning adventure with Clapingo. Even though she was busy with sports and studies, Chhavi wanted to improve her English speaking skills. She found it hard to talk in English because she mostly spoke Marathi or Hindi at home and with friends.

Learning and Growing: Finding Her Voice

In her Clapingo sessions, Chhavi talked about her favorite things like travel and sports. She shared her experiences of traveling to different places for volleyball matches. Although she couldn’t explore much during these trips, she loved the places she saw, especially the beaches. Chhavi’s teachers at Clapingo helped her speak more about her travels and her love for sports, improving her English along the way.

Big Leap: Gaining Confidence in English

After several fun sessions with Clapingo, Chhavi became much more confident in speaking English. She started to express herself better, talking about her favorite places and her volleyball adventures. Chhavi even shared about her spiritual interests and her dreams of visiting religious places. Her confidence grew with each session as she learned to share more about her life in English.

Looking Ahead: Dreams and More Learning

Chhavi’s story with Clapingo wasn’t just about learning English; it was about sharing her passions and dreams. She showed that even with a busy life, you can learn something new and get good at it. Chhavi’s journey with Clapingo has made her excited about future travels where she can use her new English skills. She keeps practicing and looks forward to new adventures and new stories to share in English.

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