Learning to speak English opens up many opportunities and can be an exciting and enriching experience! For one thing, mastering a new language requires you to actively listen to the world and pay close attention to subtle distinctions in meaning. In addition, an enriched vocabulary allows you to express ideas more clearly and accurately, ultimately making communication more effective.

English is also one of the most widely spoken languages, with every fourth person having good knowledge of the language. Additionally, not only does it help you travel or communicate with new people, but it also helps you even land a job! With the world getting increasingly globalized, the need to learn English has never been greater. English is the dialect of business, science, and diplomacy, which means that it is essential for anyone who wishes to succeed in these fields. Compared with those who don't speak English, fluent English speakers earn 34% more. Isn't that incredible? 

So are you looking to learn a new language or improve your vocabulary? Are you wondering,

“Are there spoken English classes near me?” 

This is where I come in. My job is to help you choose a spoken English class that’s perfect for you! 

In this article, we'll cover the 13 best spoken English classes near you! Once you've read the article, you'll know which spoken English course suits you best.So let's get started! 

Content of 13 best spoken English classes near me in India: 

Spoken English Classes Online: 

  1. Clapingo 
  2. English Online: British Council 
  3. Step eLearn - The Hindu 
  4. Udemy
  5. FluentU
  6. Duolingo 
  7. Cambly 
  8. Speechify 
  9. Fastinfoclass

Spoken English Classes Near Me: 

 10. British Council (Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai)

11. SpeakEng India (Bangalore - Kormangala, Madiwala, BTM, JP, Electronic City, Malleshwaram, Mangalore) 

12. Cambridge Academy Of English (Bangalore, Chennai, Goa, Hyd)

13. Bestraits Residential English Training School (Kochi (Kerala))

Our Ranking Criteria

We have selected the top 13 spoken English classes near you in India from a list of more than a dozen courses and graded them by a variety of criteria. 

Inherent criteria among all courses 

(online and spoken English classes near me): 

  • All courses are of high quality and, thus, trustworthy and worth the learner’s money.
  • The courses promise to improve spoken English in everyday life. 
  • The courses have convenient start dates or are available multiple times a year.
  • Instructors and tutors hold credentials in teaching English.  

13 best spoken English classes near me in India: 

Best Spoken English Classes Online: 


Practice English One-on-One with Tutors Across India 

Practise English One-on-One with Tutors Across India - clapingo - image jpg

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Clapingo is a unique platform that lets you practice English with tutors from various backgrounds across India. This platform provides a judgment-free space to develop their skills through engaging content such as one-on-one sessions, video lessons, flashcards, exercises, and quizzes. Additionally, at the end of every session, feedback is provided to the learner to help them work on their weak areas. For practice and revision, the video lessons provided come in handy. Clapingo is also a 24-hour platform where one can book slots according to their convenience. 

Check out their Youtube lessons here: 

  • Price: Subscription-based platform (Trail starts at Rs.99)
  • Length: Depending on the learner.
  • Certificate of Completion: None.
  • Courses Available: 

1) Clapingo for Adults 

2) Clapingo for Kids

3) Clapingo for IELTS.

4) Online classes for other subjects and topics.

Still unsure? Check out their learner testimonial:

Have more questions? Check out their FAQ page before you get started! 



Affordable prices.

No certification of completion.

Flexible schedule.

Feedback is provided after every session.

Mobile Friendly.

English Online: British Council 

Spoken English Courses to Help Learners Speak With Confidence

Spoken English Courses to Help Learners Speak With Confidence - British Council - screenshot

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British Council Online is a platform designed to help learners of all levels gain proficiency in the English language. Here, students have access to courses and resources tailored to their specific needs and goals, from basic communication skills like pronunciation and vocabulary building to more complex topics like grammar and usage. Additionally, learners can practice and apply their new skills via interactive conversation modules and receive ongoing feedback from skilled tutors. At the end of the course, the learner gets a British Council certification. 

  • Price: The price range starts at Rs.8900.
  • Length: Depending on how extensively one wants to study. Course duration ranges from 3-9 months. 
  • Certificate of Completion: Yes.
  • Courses Available: 

1) English for work  

2) IELTS Preparation



Certification of completion.


Live online classes with a tutor. 

No lifetime access 

Examinations/tests are conducted after each course.

Step eLearn - The Hindu 

Unleash Your Full Potential In English

Unleash Your Full Potential In English- the hindu - screenshot

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STEP by The Hindu is the ideal tool for anyone who wants to take their English skills to the next level. This popular educational resource provides learners with detailed exercises and interactive lessons making it easy to improve your speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. Their unique course offers unlimited one-on-one coaching. Here, the learners can interact with their coach helping them improve their speaking and listening skills. Additionally, classes are 80% video best to help you grasp concepts quickly! And the best part? STEP has interactive English games to help you practice your vocabulary and grammar.

  • Price: Starting at Rs.1999. Prices will vary depending on the course you pick.
  • Length: Depending on the learners’ pace, but coach calls need to be scheduled in advance.
  • Certificate of Completion: Yes, depending on the course chosen.
  • Courses Available: 

1) Speak with confidence

2) STEP for professionals

 3) STEP for competitive exams 

4) Courses for kids

5) IELTS Course 



One-on-one calls with an English expert 

Not ideal for beginners

Interaction with other learners during LIVE classes

80% video-based lessons

Mobile Friendly.


Intensive Spoken English Course For Beginners 

Unleash Your Full Potential In English - udemy-screenshot

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Udemy is ideal for anyone wanting to learn a new skill. Whether you're looking to improve your marketing strategy or learn a new language, Udemy has it all. There are many spoken English courses available, but the one we selected will help you improve your spoken English skills. Although it requires 77 hours, the learner will have lifetime access to it. Moreover, it is not only useful for beginners, but also for advanced speakers who wish to brush up on their knowledge before taking a competitive exam. 

  • Price: Rs.3,499 but can go as low as Rs.449 during sale season
  • Length: 77 hours. But you can divide this into 4 hours a week. 
  • Certificate of Completion: Yes, the certificate is awarded by Udemy. 
  • Courses Available: 

1) The English Master Course: English Grammar, English         Speaking.

 2) Intermediate-Advanced English Course | Intensive English



Lifetime access to the course. 

Expensive when not on sale.

30-day money-back guarantee.

No live interaction with tutors or expert speakers.

Mobile Friendly.


Learning English with authentic video content

Learning English with authentic video content - fluentu - screenshot

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Learning English can seem challenging, but with the right tools and resources, it can be fun! This is what Fluentu aims to do. They strive to make English learning exciting and accessible for everyone. Their library of authentic content covers a wide range of subjects and themes, from music videos and movie trailers to news broadcasts and travel documentaries. Isn’t that interesting? Also, with interactive captions, real-world examples, and engaging exercises, Fluentu helps you learn English in a way that feels natural and intuitive. 

  • Price: $30 Monthly subscription/ $240 Annual subscription + 14-day free trial.

  • Length: 1 month, but can be extended if required.

  • Certificate of -Completion: No.

  • Courses Available: No specific course, all are video based. 

  • Prerequisites required: The course is ideal for learners with basic knowledge of English. 

  • Link to website: 

  • Link to YouTube: 



Fun video-based learning.

Not mobile friendly. 

In-context definition of subtitles with examples.


Language App to Help You Practice on the go 

Language App to Help You Practice on the go - Duolingo - screenshot

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Duolingo is one of the most popular online language-learning apps. It’s ideal for learners on any level! Their rewards and daily reminders make the process fun and interactive. Duolingo is for anyone who wants to improve their fluency and confidence in English. By incorporating bite-sized lessons into your everyday routine, you will find that your reading, writing and listening skills quickly improve. And when you practice daily, you’re rewarded for maintaining your streak. Currently, they have English-speaking courses for speakers of over 20+ languages. 

  • Price: Free.

  • Length: Depending on the learner. 

  • Certificate of Completion: No

  • Courses Available: The app has various languages with English as well. 

  • Prerequisites required: No. The course does not require prior knowledge of the language

  • Link to website: 

  • Link to YouTube: 



Mobile friendly so you can learn from anywhere.

No live interaction with tutors or expert speakers.


No examinations/tests are conducted. 

Learners only need to practice between 5-10 minutes every day 


Practice English with native English tutors 

Practice English with native English tutors - cdambly - screenshot

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If your goal is to improve your fluency and learn from native English speakers, then Cambly is the place for you! With Cambly, you can schedule calls ahead of time at a time that suits your schedule, with private tutors tailored to your needs and interests. Get hands-on experience in real-time conversations where tutors equip you with powerful tools that help you speak English confidently! And every session is recorded to solidify the new concepts learnt. 

  • Price: Subscription-based depending on the requirement of the learner.
  • Length: The length can be customised between 15-30 minutes a day and 1-5 times a week depending on the learners’ goals. 
  • Certificate of Completion: Yes.
  • Courses Available: 

1) Fundamentals of English fluency - multiple course

2) Professional Development 

3) Cambly for Kids



Improves pronunciation while interacting with a native speaker.

No examinations/tests are conducted. 


Flexible Schedule. 


Speech-focused classes tailored to your needs

Speech-focused classes tailored to your needs - speechify - screenshot

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With Speechify's spoken English courses, students can improve their English speaking skills with courses tailored to their needs. Students spend 50-70% of class time communicating in English to build their confidence. Additionally, tutors are available 24/7, so you can schedule classes whenever it is convenient for you. In addition to free study materials, engaging activities help you learn in a fun and interactive environment. Classes last between 30-60 minutes.

  • Price: The 3-month plan starts at Rs.9999 + free demo.  

  • Length: Depending on the course. 3-12 month courses are available. 

  • Certificate of Completion: No.

  • Courses Available: The course remains the same, but the number of lessons changes depending on the amount paid. 

  • Prerequisites required: No.

  • Link to website: 

  • Link to YouTube: 





Flexible schedule 

Focus on spoken English 

Fast Info Class

Recognized online English speaking course 

Recognized online English speaking course - Fast Info Class - screenshot

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This ISO-certified spoken English course has a model that lets you interact with experienced faculties but also have one-on-one sessions with them. FastInfo Class provides access to various learning resources to help you focus on your needs and requirements. They also have a 90-day spoken English challenge to encourage learners to build their confidence in the language. It is also relatively inexpensive and provides 100% placement assistance to the students! 

  • Price: One-time admission fee of Rs.499 with a monthly payment of Rs.299. 
  • Length: 3 months
  • Certificate of Completion: Yes, it is recognised by the Govt. of India.
  • Courses Available: 

1) Online Spoken English

2) Individual Spoken English

3) Advanced Spoken English.

 4) Spoken English Super 3.



One-on-one sessions available 

No tests/assessments conducted 



Spoken English Classes Near Me: 

In India, there are multiple, well-established spoken English institutes that you can choose from. Here is a list of the top 5 spoken English classes near you! 

British Council

British Council

Image credit:

The British Council is a widely recognised institute that conducts spoken English classes at various branches across India. From pronunciation to vocabulary to reading and writing, their excellent spoken English classes cover everything you need. Their classes are taught by experienced ESL instructors, so you'll get all the help and guidance you need to master the art of spoken English. Also, it is important to note that their fee changes depending on the branch, so be sure to check them out! 

Price: The price varies depending on the course but starts at Rs.437 per class.

Certificate of Completion: Yes

Courses Available: 

1) Spoken English

2) Everyday English

3) Workplace English

 4) IELTS Coach 

SpeakEng India

SpeakEng India

Image credit:

SpeakEng India’s spoken English courses aim at helping learners express themselves in English confidently and eloquently. They follow activity and practical training with complete student involvement, ensuring that learning is maximised. During classes, they focus on grammar, pronunciation and soft skills, giving learners an all-round brush-up of their spoken English skills. SpeakEng also equips learners with interview skills, presentation skills, email etiquette and many more! 

  • Price: Undisclosed.
  • Certificate of Completion: Undisclosed.
  • Courses Available: 

1) Spoken English

2) Advanced And Corporate English

3) Business English

4) IELTS Coaching 

  • Locations near you: Bangalore (Marathahalli, Kormangala, Malleshwaram, Madiwala, BTM Layout, JP Nagar, Electronic City) and Mangalore. 

  • Link to website: 

  • Contact Number: +91 9148294666

Cambridge Academy Of English

Cambridge Academy Of English

Image credit: 

Price: Undisclosed

Certificate of Completion: Yes

Courses Available: 

1) Spoken English Course - General

2) Spoken English Course - Academic

3) Spoken English Course - Business 

4) Business English Communication 

 5) One to One Spoken English Course

Bestraits Residential English Speaking Course


Bestraits Residential English Speaking Course

Image credit:

A one-of-a-kind institute, Bestrait is a residential spoken English institute that equips people with skills that help them step up in their careers and build relationships. Bestraits teaches learners using Total Physical Response (TPR), a method of teaching language or vocabulary concepts by using physical movement to react to verbal input. At their 7-day residential spoken English course, they guarantee learners faultless spoken English skills. Doesn’t that sound interesting? 

Price: Undisclosed 

Certificate of Completion: No 

Courses Available: 

1) 7-day Residential Spoken English Course

 2) Residential IELTS English Training Course

3) 2-Week IELTS Course

4) 1-Week English  Accent Residential Course 

Tips for succeeding in an English course: 

Consider the cost

When it comes to choosing the right course for you, consider affordability. There are a dozen of courses that ranges from free to $200. But when it comes to lifetime accessibility and certification, the course usually comes with a fee.

Practice, practice, practice!

Practice is the key to learning a language. As the saying goes, practice makes a man perfect but also gives you confidence. Other than the resources provided by the course, there is plenty of free content that you can access online to improve your spoken English skills. Additionally, practice with your friends and don’t forget to take feedback! 

Keep your tech in hand 

Be it an online or offline course, having your tech handy always helps improve spoken English skills. As for online spoken English courses, some are mobile friendly too, letting you learn wherever you may be.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1.Which course is best for English speaking?

You can pick the right spoken English course once you have considered all the criteria above. The knowledge you've gained now allows you to select the course that's right for you! 

Q2.Where can I learn fluent English for free?

There are plenty of free courses and apps where you can learn English. Some of them are free or have freemium options. And in some cases, for example, the first week is offered for free where you have the power to see if the spoken English course is right for you. 

Q3.How can I speak in English quickly?

The best way to learn a language quickly is to engross yourself in it. The process takes time and practice. Take advantage of every opportunity to read. Engage in conversation with friends, neighbours, and people you meet. To expand your vocabulary, download apps and practice wherever you go.

Q4.Can I learn spoken English in 1 month? 

Learning a language takes time and effort. That said, learning English in a month will require you to put in 5 full days every week, which is highley unlikely. Therefore, it is best to take time to fully understand the language and learn it.