​Improve Your Spoken English Conversation, 

English songs could actually be a great resource

Music can be a great way of improving your familiarity with any language. If you are someone who wishes to speak fluent English, English songs could actually be a great resource. Songs can be a great way of acquiring new vocabulary as well as new phrases. The best part is that it is much easier to remember song lyrics than a dialogue or quote.

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1. Kids cartoons : Various animated kids cartoons such as Phineas and Ferb, Doremon, Mickey Mouse have various songs in English. These songs have a very catchy tune. If you have young children in your house then you can always sit with them and enjoy this very unique selection of songs.

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2. Animated Disney Movies : These movies have some of the most interesting and emotional songs. What makes them ideal for a new English learner is the lack of abusive language and slang words. You can listen to the whole album from movies like Moana, Frozen, Barbie, etc.

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3.Indian Singers in English : These days a lot of Indian singers are also releasing songs in English, these songs are easier to understand due to their Indian accent. You can try listening to singers like Prateek Kuhad or Ananya Birla. 

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4.Advertisement Jingles : These are the songs that are played in the backgrounds of various advertisement campaigns. There are a lot of brands that have English phrases in their advertising campaigns such as  Thums up. Most recently companies like Cadbury have also started using English songs as their primary jingles. Have you heard the song that is playing in the background of the latest  Whatsapp advertisement?

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  • Now that we have understood what we can listen to, let’s take a look at the various methods we can employ while listening to these songs. 

    The mere act of listening to English music can be done in a variety of ways

    • The first and the most basic method would be to simply listen to the song while paying attention to the lyrics. In this method your main focus would be towards understanding the meaning of the song at hand.
    • The second method is looking at the lyrics while listening to the song. This would help you understand every word with more clarity. It would also help you in understanding as well as correcting your pronunciation of various words. You can easily practice this method while watching various lyrical videos on YouTube.
    • The third and the most impactful method is to sing along with the song. At first you can start by singing along with the original, later you could record yourself singing to various karaoke versions of the songs. This would help you ensure that you are announcing all the words correctly and would help greatly with your voice modulation. Voice modulation is how you can adjust the tone and tempo of your voice so as to bring more attention to certain words, this is one of the most impactful practices of an impressive speaker.